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Let x Them x Eat x Shoes


with Nina Antonia
by John Tiberi


stop talking about the royal baby and start talking about how today information was released by scientists to the press that dolphins actually communicate to one-another by name. dolphins have names for eachother this is way cooler than a rich baby

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Richie and Joey. Ramones.


Honestly, I have no idea if this photo has ever been posted before on tumblr.

1, 2, 3, 4!


Richie Ramone’s guitarist Tommy Bolan added me on Facebook…

Coolest fucking thing!!!

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Ramones. Dee Dee, Joey, Richie and Johnny. Cool apartment.
Ramones. Johnny, Richie, Dee Dee, and Joey. mid 80s.
Richie’s putting out a new album and it’s amazing. Thank you Joey for encouraging him to write.
Hey Ho Let’s GO (i wish)
l.a. panorama - hollywood heights.
Joan Jett vinyl. #idontgiveadamnaboutmyreputation photo by Eden Galindo, L.A. musician and dj!

Look what I bought yesterday! And it’s a freaking first pressing!

good job! long live vinyl!